Senior Portrait Gallery

At Crystal’s Concepts Photography we understand that your Senior picture session is very important to you. You will see our approach is a little different than you may see from other photographers. Rather than limiting your session, we will design it around you. We recognize that each of you may have different expectations as to what you really want your images to say. Therefore we try to design your senior photo session around your expectations and needs. Feel free to share the ideas you have for your session, and I will help you make your dreams a reality. We will take both studio, outdoor as well as location photos. A typical session will last from one to three hours. Session includes unlimited clothing changes and selection of traditional, casual and outdoor portrait styles.  Personal items are encouraged to individualize your photographs.  Pets are allowed but must be controlled.  Please be sure you have your hair and clothing as you wish to be presented on a portrait. We use a variety of backdrops from conventional to specialized digital backgrounds.  We want you to relax and enjoy the shoot. It’s very important to both you and to me that we take the time to allow you to create the concept, pose and expression that you really want in your senior pictures. We also will create cd’s,slideshows, canvas wraps, and  memory books upon request for an additional fees.    Our Prices are reasonable and we offer you flexability in how you put together your print order. see pricing page for more information or feel free to contact us with your questions

Share your ideas and we will help you Create your dreams 

Enjoy the Slide-show!


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