Graduation Announcements

Graduation Announcements

 Let us create your graduation announcementas for you. You may choose one of the samples below, and we can insert your photos, and personal data on them, or provide us with your ideas and we will custom design your announcement for you. The announcements are 5×7 photo cards with envelopes. They are designed with your senior  photograph of choice, and up to two other photos that you provide as long as they are of acceptable scanning quality.

A minimum fee of

 $65.00 is charged for set up and design. You will receive  25 announcements included in this initial charge.

 Additional Announcements  may be ordered in 25 card bundles at $30.00 each


Below are sample images for you to view

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announc.jpgchris announc 2.jpganne announc .jpgannounc ben.jpgannounc 4.jpgannouncement.jpgelisa announc .jpgjacob hipp.jpgKelly Dockter.jpgkatrina announc.jpgmick finneman fix.jpgUntitled-1.jpg


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