Rural Scenery

This Gallery is full of rural landscapes, old farms, outhouses,cars, gas stations, an old train and a rural church depicting the rural flavor of years past in North Dakota, as well as other areas of our country. By hovering your mouse over the image you can see the description of where it was taken. Enjoy your tour!

Country Mailbox.jpgIMG_3157 Ford.jpgIMG_3161 Govners Car.jpgIMG_317 muscle car.jpgIMG_3197 Fuel Representation.jpgIMG_3219 Altona Oil Company color.jpgIMG_3219 Altona Oil Company.jpgIMG_3225 Soda Shop11x14.jpgIMG_3229Hip Hop 11x14.jpgSaturday Night Movie 11x14.jpgSE ND Prairie School 11x14-c36.jpgsky chief sepia-c89.jpgsunflower encircled-c44.jpgUnited We Stand 11x14.jpgamerican regular.jpgcase.jpgcombines unloading.jpgCory Harvest.jpgCountry Frost 11x14.jpgCountry school biffy.jpgEscape Hatch.jpgFarmhouse Frost.jpgND tilted Skyscrager color.jpgroseglen old truck.jpgSE ND Prairie School 11x14.jpgsky chief sepia.jpgsunflower encircled.jpgAmerican Regular.jpgc69-Auto Mall.jpgIMG_9809 tubeless tire service.jpgIMG_9876 need a lift.jpgStation Tolley ND.jpgAt the Pump.jpgFill Er Up Sepia.jpgFill Er Up.jpgOld Pump Station.jpgChurch Welcome/PickCity N.D.Jessie and Russel Farm jpgprairie home.jpgFlower Power sepia/washington stateflower power./washngton statems ford.jpgone eyed crank sepia.jpgPrairie Outhouse.jpgprairie throne.jpg4 holer outhouse sepia.jpgflower fence.jpgfrosty  farmyard.jpggrandpas windmill.jpggrandpa windmill.jpgHay Rake Highpass.jpgHay Rake.jpgpatriotic simple living sepia.jpgpatriotic simple living.jpgprairie farmyard.jpgprairie school sepia.jpgPrairie Seat.jpgprairie wheels.jpgride to school.jpgRustic barn.jpgRustic Fall Building.jpgSepia Tree wrap.jpggnarled sentinel.jpg/ washington state50 s train.jpg/ burrowing owl.jpgPerched Bird.jpg